Slush and Snow

So we woke up and its still rain/sleet falling from the sky. An overall mess out there so we decided not to go up to NH. I'm not sure who is more bummed. We are all not happy about it, but are trying to figure out if we can do it next weekend. Photogamer 5 - The View From My WindowThis is the view from my window this morning. As you can see crap all around. I thought it made for a nice picture.

So now we are figuring out an attack plan for the day. Shoveling/snow blowing is a must as is grocery shopping since we have no food in the house. Plus now I have to buy corned beef and everything else for a good old boiled dinner. OH! And Guiness! I should buy some Guiness!!! Mmmmm.... that woke me up.

I love working with like minded individuals. Last night I had a meeting "after our wives go to bed" since we both knew we'd be up and online anyways. Sure, no one likes to have meetings at 11pm on a Friday, but that's the nature of the beast sometimes. Especially in the new media playground where the clock is always spinning.

Ok, just dropped a note to my accountant. Meant to do that all week and finally did which is good. Got to figure out taxes. Always a time that is yuck even if you get a return because the process to get to it is always a pain. Never enjoyed crunching numbers.

Attack plan in place. Looks like fondue and movies tonight with the kids. Grade A family time.

Packed Day

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