Dark Days Ramblings

I don't know about you, but the whole financial state of the world is certainly taking it's toll on me mentally. We are in a dark spot right now and while I want to believe things are going to get better soon, the realist in me knows that we are going to go through a darker period before it gets better. If your feeling similar, read this post on enduring darkness from Chris Penn that I think hit it dead on. I'm trying not to think about it all because it's been clear that this was coming for a long time. Laura and I worked our tails off over several years to pay off the debt I had racked up in college and had many slim years pushing forward to get that taken care of. We were smart about our mortgage and did not buy more then we could afford and pushed through all the "great offers" and "amazing rates" we were promised and stuck close to what we knew to be right.

I hate the fact that the elections have turned into one big finger pointing and name calling session. Yes, I know that is where most campaigns end up, but because I respect both of the candidates the optimist in me was hoping they'd keep it above that and stick to the issues. I was wrong and am disappointed in both campaigns for letting it go where it has gone.

The Morning After the Election

I took this picture four years ago on the morning after the election. It summed up my mood and where I thought things were headed perfectly. I hoped I was wrong, but now know I wasn't.

I'm hoping to get up this year after the election and see the sunshine and a clear day. There will certainly be clouds on the horizon because whoever wins is going to be getting a pile of shit to deal with on day one. I'm an eternal optimist, can't you tell?*grin*

I have faith in our country. I have faith that somehow our elected officials (can't call them leaders with the way they are acting lately) will realize that things have to change and truly try to make things change for the better. People need to wake up, get educated on the issues and what is happening, make smart decisions, vote, budget, talk and come together so that we can all figure out how to push through this and come out on the other side better then when we went in.

I've always said this blog was for me to brain dump into and this post certainly is that. A jumble of ideas bouncing around in the gray matter that I needed to get out. Ah, I feel better.

How are you feeling about everything that is going on in the world right now?

Postive Fall Morning

Happy Family