Acela Ramblings

I hope it isn't that I'm getting old and crotchety, but lately it seems the Internet is pissing me off. It has always bugged me that the world is full of more talkers than doers and I've grown to realize that this is the way it always will be. I guess that since anyone can have an online megaphone I'm hearing, reading and seeing more of it then every before. It gets me down, but it also motivates me not be one of those people and to keep pushing forward doing great work for both myself and for clients.

One of the biggest changes after selling The Advance Guard is that my brain has more free cycles to think about things. This of course has me wondering where to focus that energy. I seem to be doing more noodle favors for friends, contemplating in detail a book and looking at all the various projects I'm involved in and thinking about which ones could use some more love.

All of this also has me noticing the things that bug me more too. Guess that means I really should focus my energy elsewhere so that I don't notice it right? *laugh*

I'm on the Acela headed to NYC. Weird taking a later train and seeing how packed it is. I'll be coming home on Saturday afternoon and I'm curious what that is going to be like. Who knows?

Life is good. We finally got our new car (more on that later), Campfire has a bunch of cool new projects I'm involved with and my little 'mo is starting to come in.

While there is always something in life that you can complain about is it ever really worth it? Think about that and then proceed accordingly.

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