Acela Braindump

Last night's New England Podcasting meetup was a lot of fun. Smaller group then I had hoped for since we were going to be going to the David McMillin & Todd Martin show at the Paradise Lounge. The concert was amazing and I've got some photos and video that I'll post once I find some free time. I'm writing this while on the train on route to New York City. I'll post it as soon as I get an internet connection in the office. BUSY 48 hours while in the city. Literally wall to wall meetings across the board. I'm sure somewhere in there I'll find time to sleep and eat, but both are secondary to what I need to get done while there. I want to insure that these monthly trips are productive and effective. Otherwise why do them right? I've determined that on a plane I can't be productive, but on a train I can crank it out. I don't have a net connection so I can't get distracted. Takes a little planning ahead, but as long as I have music and a keyboard or notebook I can crank through things.

Needless to say this post is a break from the goodies I've been cranking on so far. I've learned that when the creative juices are flowing I sometimes need to just pause and get away from whatever it is I'm working on to do something else and when I come back things are even better. So thus this post.

It was funny because last night after the concert was done and everyone had left it was just me and Christopher Penn sitting at a table talking about numerous things. Our two minds together is dangerous and fun at the same time. I wish we got to be face to face more often. Lots of talk about PodCamp Boston and some other happenings that may happen. Stay tuned to this space for details. *big grin*

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