Busy, Busy, Braindump

So much going on, but wanted to drop out some things on my mind so you know I'm alive and kicking.

  • Published Accident Hash #259 this morning featuring new music from David McMillin
  • If you haven't yet, check out the online multiple choice trivia games from Trivya. They are a client of The Advance Guard, but their games are so much fun I don't have a problem telling everyone about them. I usually play in the Entertainment category since I'm best at those.
  • Podcamp Nashville was a very different experience then every other Podcamp I've been to. I need to collect and post my thoughts at some time.
  • I did put my presentations from Baltimore up on SlideShare as promised to everyone at the ETC Conference
  • I like this parody video Mitch Joel put together to show the love to his Sony Vaio
  • Finally put up the few pictures I took in Nashville to Flickr last night

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