Busy Beaver

Arrrrr... Yeah, it is international talk like a pirate day so I figured I'd join in just a little bit. Can't do more then that as it is just plain silly. I'm having fun just watching people act silly. That part is fun!

I just finished recording a new Accident Hash just so I could premiere the new single from Matthew Ebel. I hope people dig it. Certainly a shift from his normal stuff and the album is going to be different for sure. If you want it before anyone else you can pre-order it right now. The album art alone makes it worth buying on CD rather then just a download. At least in my opinion.

I seem to be a busy little beaver these days. Two active clients at the moment and several more on the horizon. I've also got a business trip tomorrow that sort of snuck up on me but I'm not going to complain since it'll be a good trip for sure. Next week will find me at the PME and then after that I'm speaking in DC. More travel then I usually like, but sometimes you've got to do that right?

The best part about all the travel is quality face-to-face time with many people that I usually don't get it with. Traveling across the country doesn't happen that often so it is great to be able to do it so I can reconnect. I've still got to get up across the border to the north to visit soon. I've got a lot of people I want to sit down and chat with.

Time to get rocking. Lots of rocks to push off the top of the hill this morning.

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