Gate B-19 Early Morning Chillout

Sitting in an airport terminal sure does give one plenty of time to randomly reflect on lots of things. Today finds me in the B Terminal at Logan at one of the little commuter desks. Sure does make for easier surfing. People watching at this ungodly hour sure is fun. Especially the 7 am to Las Vegas crowd. Talk about a fun mix of people! Quick business trip. Out today. Meetings all day tomorrow and then a red eye flight back home in time for Dylan's soccer game on Saturday morning. It seems to be a trend that I'm going places where there are people I'd love to see, yet no time to make it possible. Happens all the time when I go to NYC and will happen on this trip. Would love to have tacked on an extra day to visit, but I just couldn't swing it this time. The way of life sometimes. I just roll with it.

So much going on right now. So many balls in the air. Exciting times indeed.

San Francisco Quickie

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