Dinner Full of Thought

Last night I had an amazing dinner in a room full of powerful people, with powerful minds. Very open discussions about the future of media, the problems agencies are having working with brands in this space and future thinking about where we think the space is going to change and evolve. Amazing to hear such diverse thoughts and questions. The dinner was held because Peter Hirshberg from Technorati is in town to speak at the Cross Media Forum and thus MITX thought it would be great to bring together some local Boston thought leaders for dinner.

Anytime you get people from companies like Hill Holiday, Mullen, YouTube, Holland-Mark, The Wall Street Journal, Longworth Ventures and the Yankee Group around a table with Larry Weber leading the questions you know it is going to be a good conversation. Plus the location and food didn't make for a bad night either.

A lot of discussion focused around the power of scale and how selling a television spot for millions of dollars is understood and will be green lighted faster then a six figure deal on a new media buy. Hearing this over and over didn't surprise me, but it did shock me a little to realize just how wide spread this was. What really surprised me was that someone asked about bloggers in the room and I was only 1 of 3. That blew my mind. How can you work in this field and yet not use/try out the technology. Doesn't makes sense to me.

In the end I'm really psyched to have met these people face to face. Some were familiar and many I hope to get to know better. It was an opportunity that I don't take lightly.

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