The Start of a New Chapter

Today is the first day of a new chapter in my life. I joked that perhaps it is really a full new book, but in reality it is only another chapter. I've turned in my coloring book and embraced my Moleskine. My Macbook Pro is almost like another hand. Between the two of them I can be a new media nomad from wherever I need. I'm still getting the kinks worked out, but I know I'll get there. Tools of the TradeA lot on my mind this morning. I felt the urge to channel some of the energy into an Accident Hash and I'm glad that I did because it felt really good to get episode #241 out there for you all to listen to.

Lots of little things to do today and things on my mind.

  • Couple of phone calls for stuff around the house that I have repeatedly forgotten to call about, but want to get done today.
  • Big dinner tonight in Boston that I'm excited and curious about.
  • Some Second Life thinking/shopping to get done. Hasn't quite clicked yet.
  • I was named the 7th Most Recognizable Voice in Podcasting. I can't wait to see the whole list.
  • Just had a great conversation with someone about the tattoo I've wanted for a long time. Might become a reality in the very near future. Oh yeah!
  • New client work to get underway. Two cool projects already up and running and have to finalize some writing for a third one. Scary how fast things can happen in today's world. But, I prefer to say exciting over scary. *grin*
  • Getting excited about PodCamp Boston 2. Have you registered yet?
  • Going to reset up the ThinkPad for the kids to use. It has been sitting for months doing nothing and that is a waste of a sweet, powerful machine. The kids should love it.
  • Yesterday was a quality day of slack that involved chili cheese fries, sausage with peppers and onions, beer and football. We actually did get some productive stuff in the morning done, but once 1 pm hit it was football until bed time.

It still amazes me how productive you can be first thing in the morning. As the world is waking up, it is a great time to jump on top of things and get them out of the way. Of course I always wonder what time to call places that I need answers from since most don't open till 9. Then the next thing I know it's the end of the day and I haven't called them. Whoops. Hopefully going to change that today.

I started today with a tweet about hunting down the day. It is a good feeling for sure.

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