The Beginning of New

I like fresh starts. Something bumpy and makes one week not as good as you had hoped so you get to reshuffle the deck and start all over. Last week wasn't bad, but this week feels powerful and full of promise. It feels good. I recorded a mellowed out Accident Hash this morning. I really slacked on that the past few weeks and I'm sorry for that. I hate doing that to the listeners.

Then a few minutes ago the reality of the date really slammed home. It is April 14, 2008. This is a date that has been on my radar for quite some time and the fact that it has arrived gave me pause. This has nothing to do with it being Cake and Cunnilingus Day (link not safe for work), but rather with a large phase of my life and what happens next. Even I don't know.

I also got to listen back to a conversation I had over on The DaddyCast last week. It was so much fun just kicking back and chatting with PD about being dads. Something I don't get to do nearly often enough. Hope to do it more in the future.

Tomorrow night I'm going to be speaking as part of MITX event called Building Social Applications & Widgets for Top Platforms. Will be nice to finally see Chris Brogan IN Boston for once.

I've already got a screen full of windows which means the day is in full swing. I've been writing this little post on and off for 45 minutes so I figure it is time to post it and get it out there.

Make it a great day everyone.

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