Suckless Monday?

Yesterday was an interesting day. First day with Greg & Seni at crayon. Some people out of the office dealing with life. Lots of activity. Lots of motion. Add the house selling, finding a mortgage and a constantly ringing phone to the mix and it makes for a level of stress because it seems that the juggling never stops. Thankfully last night I had an interview with J.C. Hutchins which was a true fun time. I'm a huge fan of the 7th Son Podiobook series and am eager for the July 7th release of the final book. I couldn't get him to give up any secrets, but that wasn't really the point of the interview. It'll be coming out on Managing the Gray shortly. Just have to run it through The Levelator first and then upload it.

I also had a good talk with Joe over at PodShow about this whole suck less campaign they have going on. I get the marketing approach and I applaud the end goal of finding out more information about podcast listeners to attract advertisers. That makes sense. But, pissing off the producers and listeners you want to gather the data from is not the way to do it. Nothing like an annoying 60 second ad to drive people insane.

But, as I said it was a good talk and I voiced my concern and they are removing the current batch of DGAP ads from in front of Managing the Gray as I had hoped for. I have no problem with having the ads there, but I wanted them of a more subdued and professional nature. I also found out that as a producer I had the option to record my own that could appear in front of my show. I had no idea!

So if you are a producer of a show on PodShow and don't like the current ads, just take a moment and record your own. I don't think this has been communicated as well as it could so I'm hoping that by saying it here it will help spread the word.

Any home fries out there want to put together some for any of my shows I sure wouldn't mind! Send them directly to me since there is not an e-mail specifically for this campaign. Also, I found out that I've got survey link specifically for my listeners. So if you have the urge take the suck less survey via this link.

As you can see it was a long day yesterday, but at the end of it all as I laid down and thought back on the day I realized it was a very productive day. I've got some travel at the end of this week for a client which should be a good trip. I'm looking forward to it. Get to spend some time with someone that I've only had the chance to chat a little bit with and I'm looking forward to a few beers and a ton of conversation.

Hell of a Monday and glad that it is behind me and I'm only looking forward. Live mixing an hour of podsafe music on Accident Hash as I type this. Definitely waking me up nicely!

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