Busy Busy Beaver

I'm going to publicly say sorry if I haven't seen your Twitter or replied to your e-mail over the past few days. It has just been crazy around here and it's going to get even more insane next week with me being in Austin. Lots of cool stuff going on including a new project I'm working on. Of course this means I get to fly to Pittsburgh and back on Thursday and then leave first thing Friday morning for SXSW. Somehow that means I'm going to pack tomorrow. Hmm...not sure how that is going to happen, but I'll figure it out.

I've been having fun watching iJustine have a good time down in Cancun at Spring Break with American Eagle. She's been posting videos and photos and it looks like a great time indeed. I chatted with her yesterday while she was pool side doing some video editing. Must be nice!

Feels like spring outside which is a nice change of pace. Of course everything is wet and muddy from the snow we got this past weekend and the forecast is for rain, but I'm looking forward to some sunshine and warmer weather in the near future. Feels like a lot of people are in that end of winter funk like I am so we could all use it. Hope New England warms up soon!

Time to refill the coffee cup and jump on the next task. I just needed to brain dump a bit while I had a moment and to let everyone know that I am still out here.

Dylan's First Dinner