Finally Friday?

For some reason yesterday morning I was convinced it was Friday. Little things like packing the kids lunch and what I said to them leaned towards this thinking. Thankfully I didn't mess up too bad, but it was still a weird thought. Even last night when Laura was talking about something I had to do today I was confused because in my mind today would be Saturday. The old gears were not spinning as well as they should. Yesterday I had several people ask me what a bean bag couch is and here is a picture of it in the office.

Bean Bag Couch In Use

It is actually filled with memory foam and it doesn't look nearly as big as it really is in this picture. The kids love it of course and so do I. I worked part of the morning in it and then noodled on the guitar a bit last night. Best part is that it fits Laura and I side by side with no problem and it really shapes to fit you which is a nice thing. Better on the back for damn sure.

Of course now I'm going to have to fight off the kids for it, but since it is in my office I bet I win most of the time. Dylan has already curled up in it to read. The reason I wanted this is that I wanted another place to sit and work. Some place inviting so that I'd get up from my desk (seen in the background) and have at least a minimal change of scenery. It really helped me crank on some stuff yesterday so hopefully that continues.

Busy Weekend Ahead

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