Online Trivia Fun

I'm one of those guys who when Laura and I watch a show like 1 vs. 100 or Jeopardy I will answer the questions out loud and shake my head at the contestants when they miss what I think is an obvious question. I suck at trivia about geography and history, but do alright at pop culture, movies and music. So when Trivya hired us to help them do outreach around their brand, I knew we'd have fun doing it.

The concept of casual gaming is something that I relate to. I hardly ever kick back with a game station of any sort and play a game for hours on end. I'm more of the play a quick game or two as a distraction or stress reliever and then back to work. I never got into the latest craze of Scrabble playing via Scrabulous on Facebook because to be quite honest I suck at spelling. But, what I have found (and I wasn't ready for) is how much fun I'm having using the Trivya Facebook Application to play quick little three minute trivia games live against other people.

Of course, to only do this only via Facebook would be silly. Their website TriviaOnNet allows you to play the same games from any browser you like. I've been playing for free right now, but they also allow you to play for money and they've got a big $10,000 trivia tournament in March that looks interesting. I might try it out since the entry fee is only $10, but I have a feeling I won't get very far. I have fun at this stuff but I'm not THAT good. Who knows...

As part of the outreach we put together a social media press release about Trivya if you want to learn more. They also have some teaser videos that they did before we got involved with them that have a retro vibe to them.

If you install the application and want to play sometime let me know. I play an entertainment game most mornings to help wake the brain up. Not sure if it is working or not. *grin*

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