As The Sun Begins to Rise

Ten minutes till I take the kids to school. I'm sitting in my big leather chair in my office, almost empty cup of coffee on the arm of it beside me.

We moved a few things around in the office last night. The castle cabinet is now in the dining room. My new bean bag couch arrived yesterday and we had to make room for it and damn did we need a ton of room. I've still got the totes full of the Christmas lights and other stuff that we took down when the snow melted here. We've got to bring them up to the attic tonight.

I hate clutter in my office. Because I spend so much time in here it is distracting. I also think I'm noticing it because yesterday I worked all day in the living room for more sunshine and a change of pace. It worked good focusing on the one screen of the laptop instead of the two screens I usually see when at my desk. Might do that more often.

One thing I know for sure is that I like the new position of my chair. I am now looking at the windows which certainly is better then having my back to them. Of course now my walls look even emptier. I've got to get prints of some of my photos to hang and the framed art from PodCamp Philly is still waiting to go up. I want to find some more original art besides that and my Chank print.

I wonder what today will hold. Yesterday included a little surprise from my buddy Whitney that made my day.

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