As The Sun Rises

Sitting here in my room the morning before the big meeting that I'm down in Virginia for. It's funny because I am not one of those guys who really cares about the hotel I stay in. As long as it has a net connection, a bed and a bathroom I'm pretty much good with it. I'm staying at a Residence Inn for the first time this trip and I have to say that I really like them. The rooms are big and comfortable. I will definitely check into this chain more when I'm on the road. That much is for sure. Had a great dinner and drinks last night. Tons of beer selections and our waitress did a great job of just picking what we should drink based on our descriptions of what we like. She did very good. Plus this is the first time I've ever seen scallops wrapped in bacon as a main course on a menu and yes they were yummy.

I had a great conversation with a woman while waiting to board the plane yesterday. It was fun to talk about our different home cities and then about kids. She cracked me up when she whipped out her camera and started showing me pictures of her daughter. I haven't had a complete stranger do that in a long time so it was fun. She hadn't heard of Flickr. *grin*

Ok time to get rocking. Breakfast, coffee and prep.

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