Busy Weekend Ahead

Sitting here drinking coffee with the Today Show on in the background. Dylan is on the other couch with his Nintendo DS playing away. In my morning surf this morning I saw that Kaboodle was listed on the BzzAgent Frog Pond. I've found some cool sites there in the past so I check back often. I first found out about Kaboodle a little while ago and surprisingly got addicted to it right away. With a browser plug in they make it so that anything you see on any site on the web can be added to a wish list with a couple of clicks. I now use this to save things I see on blogs and sites that I don't want to lose. Social shopping combined with clipping for me. I used it recently research the bean bag couch I wanted to get for my office. This is doing what I always wanted Froogle to do. Instead of having a wish list tied to one store now I can have a wish list that can link to as many stores as I want.

Today we've got some cleaning to do around the house and then friends are coming over for dinner. I've also got to make Dylan's birthday cake since tomorrow is his party. 10 boys over to the house for video games and pizza. Should be a fun time for sure. Still not 100% sure what I'm going to make for the cake, but you've got to love the web for finding ideas. Flickr has given me plenty of ideas.

I also have to dig through the boxes and find my second microphone set up. Wiyh Matthew coming over for dinner tomorrow night I have a feeling we might need it. At least I hope so. Better to look for it now then when he gets here.

Ok, the house is starting to wake up a bit so I'm going to throw the cinnamon rolls in the oven and really make the girls wake up.

Soda Bowl

Finally Friday?