Morning Productivity

I've known for a while that I'm most productive late at night and first thing in the morning. I hate waking up and could stay in bed all day, but for some reason after I drop the kids off in the morning and up until everyone starts arriving at their desks I get so much done. I know it is because of the lack of distractions that it allows me to actually focus and get things done. I'm actively working on ways to manage the constant flow of communication that comes with being a nomad worker and with getting things done. I'm also trying to simplify the office environment to make it as streamline as possible. It is a constant evolution of thought, but after looking at Where We Do What We Do last night it just fueled the fire to get this office to where I want it to be. I need a funky cool curved desk or something like that. Simple, but effective. And I don't think my white walls are helping any. *grin*

Conference CallIn other news things are good. Working on getting several new projects off the ground while balancing the growth of The Advance Guard. I always knew, but can now confirm that running your own business is one of the hardest, but most rewarding things you can do. It doesn't hurt that I've got a great business partner that comes at things always from a different angle then I do and yet it always works. Last week when I was on the road Steve and I had some great forward planning meetings covering the rest of 2008 and we both left feeling really good about things.

This weekend is going to be really nice. Both my parents and Laura's parents are coming down. It is surprising how rarely we are all together so it will be nice for sure. Coming together for a preview of Emily's next play. Of course their instructor never showed up last week so we are not 100% sure that it is still happening, but we'll make the most of our time together no matter what. We are good like that.

Yesterday my new iMac arrived. The transition has been fairly smooth so far since I've been using the laptop for a while now. The only thing I still haven't figured out is my podcasting work flow. I put out a new Accident Hash on purpose in case it takes me a few days to figure out what I want to do. I've got ideas, but just have to find some time to determine which one is best.

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