Cali Lewis & My Home 2.0

While this weekend was a blast at home and I got to spend some great time with both my parents and Laura's parents, I was sort of bummed that I wasn't in New Jersey on Saturday. I can hear more then one person wondering why I'd want to be in NJ when it was such a gorgeous weekend here in New England and there is a simple answer. My good buddy, Cali Lewis from Geek Brief TV was there at "the lair" doing some filming for My Home 2.0.

2485415048_bdfffa890b.jpg Photo by Steve Coulson

We've been working with the amazing team at Campfire again this season on the My Home 2.0 project from Verizon FiOS. We arranged for Cali to fly out and film some up coming DIY segments with each of the gurus on the show. Thankfully Steve was there and we connected via Skype video so that I could watch some of the filming and give a virtual hello to the whole team. Sure would have been nice to be there in person to give Cali and Neil both hugs, but hey, that is the way life goes.

I saw this post before and and this one after on the site and it looked like it was a great time all around. Steve also posted some photos from the day and I can't wait to see all the video that comes out of this. Seems to be multiple cameras in every shot I see so you know they captured some fun times. I especially can't wait to see Brian and Cali on screen together. Big smiles for sure!

2485415958_fd146e24fb.jpg Photo by Steve Coulson

As I was writing this I discovered that the Geek Brief #360 is already out with footage from the shoot. They must have edited it on the plane or something because that is fast! I haven't watched it yet, but you can be sure I'm going to once I get back from dropping the kids off at school.

Oh and before you ask me, I can't talk about the Teddy in the shot above. I'm actually kind of surprised that Steve put up photos of it already. It is a project that you'll hear about soon enough and I can't wait to tell you about it.

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