Cali Lewis Made My Day

Cali prepares to film a segmentI was sitting here working away yesterday with the headphones on when I heard a strange ringing. It wasn't Skype or my mobile. I had no idea what it was. That's when I noticed a little Google Talk window saying I had a call coming in from Cali Lewis. I didn't even know Google Talk supported voice. Silly me! She was testing out a new Nokia N800 Tablet and saw I was online so she thought she'd give me a call. It was a pleasant surprise indeed since we hadn't chatted in a while.

I will say that the clarity was VERY good. None of those static filled pauses that we all have learned to live with Skype. It felt truly like a phone call. And knowing that on the other end she was talking to at tablet that was connected via WiFi made it even cooler. Hell, I didn't know about this model of the Nokia at all. Sounds like a pretty neat little machine. I'm going to have to read up more on it.

Oh and if for some strange reason your not aware who Cali is, she is part of an awesome show called Geek Brief TV that you should be watching. Best place around to get an adorable smile and tech information.

Sick C.C.

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