Shame on the Patriots

A friend just sent me this article. Do not read it if you want to maintain a good mood. It seems that the New England Patriots organization is too busy worrying about football to take care of an injured family and an event that happened in their stadium.

As a parent I would be outraged if this happened to my son and even more pissed if I got a football in the mail as an apology. The fact that these people are being blown off.

Robert Kraft and the whole organization ARE better then this. I know they are. We've seen it time and time again. But when someone named Stacey James who is the spokesperson in this case basically blows it off as "a police issue" that is not the way they should be responding.

The fact that nothing was done on the scene is what bothers me as well. I've seen people thrown out for less then what happened here and yet nothing happened.

Pathetic. Thank you Brian McGrory for writing the article. I sure hope this has a happier ending then where it's at right now.

Feel free to contact the Patriots. I know I did.

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