The Power of Video Chat

On yesterday's Managing the Gray I talked about the power of video when it comes to chatting. How it brings people closer in a way that only voice and text does not work. Because of that my good buddy PW Fenton IM'd me and said "let's video."

Now, I talk to P-Dub all the time. I listen to his voice on his podcast Digital Flotsam (you need to be as well if your not!). I've seen pictures. But, until this moment in time I've never actually seen a moving version of him. No home movies, no random YouTube moments, NOTHING. The realization of this was a bit startling.

Today has a weird vibe to it. Bad blog posts, net lag ever where I turn and all around a sort of strangeness that I can't put my finger on. Not sure what it is.

Oh, this picture was planned. P-Dub full screen can be a scary thing and when we are both complete nuts it makes it more fun.

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