The Power of Three Words

The Power of Three Words

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Your Work Matters.

Those were the three words that hit me right in the heart and soul.

It was a short email. It was a response to an equally quick email that I sent to someone never expecting a response.

I consume more than I create and that is problem.

It is a problem I've been trying to deal with and have been losing at.

Consuming a recent video, the person being interviewed talked about how too many people get fulfillment from clicking, sharing and commenting that it gets in the way of them actually doing.


Yup, I've been there. I call it "getting lost in the clickstream" and some days I give in and float down the constant river of drivel that hits my screen.

At the end of the day I look back and wonder what I accomplished. The truth being almost nothing.

Your Work Matters.

Building things from scratch use to mean chopping down a tree and making something of it. We use to grow the vegetables, raise the animal and then cook our meals.

Today, I create with my fingers, eyes and heart. I almost never create with my hands.

Building companies, creating movements, trying to make a difference in the world.

All of this is great for my soul, but not always for my wallet.

How can I get paid for this? Why isn't someone sponsoring this and throwing their money away on that?

These questions plague me as I push forward and continue to find a way to make it all work.

Your Work Matters.

Some days all it takes is an email to make the little black raincloud go away.

These three words from someone I admire and respect have become a new mantra for me.

A daily reminder that what I'm doing is with a goal in mind. It is with a purpose. It is never for the clicks. Never for the glory. It is for the good.

Tonight I'll enter a classroom like I do every Tuesday night. It might not be the arena, but for the 150 minutes I'm in there I give it my all.

The calendar flipped to March this morning. SXSW is on the horizon and I wonder what those few days in Austin will hold. They certainly aren't holding what I've been trying to make them hold for months, but I know I'm going to leave there with a full heart and a renewed soul.

Creating fuels me. Thinking turns me on.

Some days all it takes is three little words to kick start you in the right direction.


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