The Video Bug is Nibbling

I'm blaming friends like Steve Garfield, Jeff Pulver, Chris Brogan and Cali Lewis for feeding this latest desire. I love them to death of course, but my mind is rolling. Might also have to do with the time I just spent on Blip.TV, PodShow and Network2 rolling through different shows I had not seen before. Most of you know that this April will mark the 11th anniversary of Random Foo Pictures. Sure, the old Foo Machine has been silent for a long time as we focus on other things (kids, family, etc.), but that doesn't mean that it's dead. I've got a Sony TRV-900 sitting here on my desk taunting me every day.

I started up One Guy's Thoughts to test out CastBlaster Video and had fun, but I want more. I want to do more video. I'm on the road a lot. I'm meeting neat people. I want to "make media" as Steve and Chris are always saying.

What I need now is a new camera. Something small, but good quality. The Sanyo HD2 looks cool and Cali pointed to me to this sweet retro looking Canon. I wonder if I could get someone to donate a camera. You know, slap a "equipment provided by ________" at the end of every episode of something. I wouldn't even know how to pursue that angle, but I'd be very open to the idea.

This also has a lot to do with my good buddy Roc landing a job at PodTech and editing ScobleShow now. How cool is that? Roc and I go way back and I'm damn proud of him and I love that our worlds are meshing once again. Makes me smile.

Quite Possibly My Favorite Picture of All Time

Snowy Tree