Could Today Be the Day I Get a Mac Laptop?

It is certainly on my mind and the chance of this happening is quite high today. I promise that if it does happen I'll post something here. *grin* Me Filming MeThe mac is on my mind so much I decided to film today's One Guy's Thoughts (#14) with my trusty IBM Thinkpad laptop. Dylan is still raving about my wallpaper. Can you tell what it is?

Links I mentioned in the show include:

As I mentioned in the show I'm looking for some new closing and opening credits for the show. If you are out there an interested please let me know. Roc, I'd go right to you, but I know your dealing with life right now so my thoughts and prayers are still with you, but I sure as hell am not going to bother you with this. Take care big guy.

In other news I'm glad yesterday is behind me. That wasn't fun and I'm determined to make today better. It already has been and I'm going to keep it on track no matter what happens! That is a promise to myself!

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