Weekend Productivity

After the coma-like couch sitting we did over Thanksgiving we were determined to be productive this weekend. Yesterday we attacked the dining room. Stripping off the remaining paint and then sanding the whole thing. Even with plastic over the doorways we could taste some dust everywhere on the ground floor last night. Thankfully this morning it has all settled and Laura is doing some paint tests on it to make sure that it's good to go and we can paint it.

Today we are headed over to the old house to rake it. We've been waiting till the majority of the leaves fell before going over since we didn't want to do it more then once this season. One nice thing is that with the land at the new house we can just fill up the back of the truck and then dump them here. Much better then filling up bag after bag with leaves and taking them to the dump next weekend.

Last night we hit the Alamo for dinner which is always a success and then crashed on the couches to watch Hairspray. I had no idea about the plot of the movie and we had some explaining to do to the kids, but we all had a good time. Cute soundtrack and a very interesting cast indeed. Anything with Christopher Walken in it makes me laugh. Even though the kids couldn't figure out why I was giggling the minute he started talking.

Weekends like this always make me feel good. I've checked the computer now and then to make sure I'm not missing any important e-mails and replying here and there, but for the most part I unplug from everything else. Feels good and weird at the same time.

Ok, Dylan's buddy is coming over and then we are headed to the old house. I also have to figure out something for dinner. I'm really in the mood to cook which I realized on Thanksgiving I haven't been doing as much as I'd like. Must get back into doing that as much as I like.

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