Do All Chocolate Labs Love Pie?

This picture really captures the holiday for me. Dad, standing with a plate full of pie and Abe just sitting waiting for something to drop. He doesn't beg so much as to just hope and wait. It is rather cute. Abe Hopes For Pie

It is always a better holiday to me when there is family around so I'm happy they could come down. Would have been better if Laura's parents were here as well like the original plan, but things change so no biggie.

Dad had a good time in the crisp air today chopping up some of the trees we cut down a few weeks back. He said he wanted to do it on Thanksgiving and he did. There is a nice pile of wood on top of a boulder now that will dry and be ready for next year. Still plenty of wood to chop as well. I should go out and do some one of these days when I need a stress reliever.

Today I wanted to take off and do absolutely nothing, but opportunities are presenting themselves that don't allow for that. When a client calls, you answer right? So that is why I'm working on stuff today. I'm working in my PJs so that has to count for something.

Weekend Productivity

Happy Thanksgiving