Morning Babble

I've determined that I'm going to make a point to do more blogging like this. Like I use to. Like we all use to before we ever thought about people reading us, Google juice and link baiting. Just writing to let the thoughts pour forth into the ether of the 'net and not really care where it went or if anyone read it. Writing it just for the sake of getting it out of the gray matter. David McMillin is filling the house with a sense of purpose. The second cup of coffee was just poured. The kids are playing in their various spheres of creativity. Emily with boxes, crates and who knows what else making up her domain. Dylan with legos building the next space shuttle or solution for global travel. Who knows?

I've already taken two pictures this morning for PhotoGamer #3 and the kids are thinking this one sounds like fun so we'll see what happens.

The sun is out today but with all the ice and rain from earlier in the week it's a total mess out there. Too bad because I'd love to get the kids outside for a bit, but I'm having a feeling with the work I want to get done we'll be more like a group of sloths today and keep the PJ's on and make our way through the day.

Movie night tonight. That much I have determined. Haven't picked the title, but Saturdays use to be quality couch and munchies time watching a movie and we haven't done it nearly enough lately so I want to do it tonight.  I don't think I have anything family friendly from NetFlix right now so it'll either be VOD or something from the home collection. We'll see.

Sunshine and mud. Sounds like a great album title.

Virtual NDA Fun

Emily Enjoys the Morning Sun