Kony 2012

I guarantee that if you haven't already had someone in your social graph share the Kony 2012 video that you will soon.

This video started popping up on my radar yesterday and I didn't pay it much attention. I figured I'd get to it at some point. With so much going on right now and so many videos flying by in my streams it just hadn't fully grabbed my attention enough to warrant a click.

But, then this morning an amazing thing happened when Dylan came in to my office and simply said, "Dad you have to watch this video. I want to help. Can I sign up to donate a few dollars a month to catch this guy?"

Now, we share videos all the time. Funny stuff, new movie trailers and anything else that catches our attention. But, I could tell from the look on his face that it was something more. Laura mentioned to me a few minutes before he came in that Dylan was mesmerized by some video that he had been watching since he got up. To capture the attention of a thirteen old for that long it had to be something special. Commit the thirty minutes to watch this from beginning to end.

The story is one that I had heard before. The tradgedy of what is happening in Africa turning children into soldiers, sex slaves or mutilated kids is an extremely sad one.

But, while Invisible Children has been fighting the good fight for years, they've decided that during this election year they wanted to take it to a whole new level and go directly after the man behind the horror and make Joseph Kony a famous man and thus have launched the KONY 2012 campaign.

They've called for a national night of action on Friday, April 20th and now that Dylan has asked if he could take part in it, how can I say no? Granted I've got to have a long talk with him about what this means and how some of the things they encourage doing in the campaign are not quite legal.

But, as a father I'm proud that my children understand that they do have a voice in global affairs. That every bit helps and that if they step up and try to help that it can make a difference.

I just ordered a couple of action kits to help support and raise awareness for the campaign. Tonight when the kids are home from school and Laura from work I plan on asking the kids how much they'd like to make as a monthly donation.

Get educated, share this campaign and do whatever you can to help raise awareness and support.