Amtrak Sponsors Passion Hit TV

Amtrak Sponsors Passion Hit TV


Anyone who knows me, knows that I love taking the train to get where I'm going whenever possible. Being able to kick back and work, while getting up to stretch whenever I need makes me happy. Plus there is something soothing about watching the countryside pass by as you click-clack to your destination.

I'm a regular on the Acela Express between Boston and NYC and last summer the family and I took the train for our family vacation to Washington, DC.

So, it is with a deep sense of pride and happiness that I announce that the 2012 exclusive sponsor for Passion Hit TV is Amtrak®.

I'm excited about this for numerous reasons.

One that you might not know is because the railroad is in my blood.

I grew up in the Upper Valley of New Hampshire. My parents still live just across the river from White River Junction, Vermont.

My great-grandfather and his father and countless other relatives worked for the railroad. The house my parents live in to this day was built partially with lumber from a torn down train station that was being rebuilt.

The fact that now I'm carrying on this family tradition in a completely new way that my ancestors could have never imagined gives me big smiles.

From the beginning of Passion Hit TV I wanted to find a sponsor that would allow me the freedom to go out and find the stories I wanted to tell. But, I was obviously very protective of the show and only wanted a brand that I was personally passionate about. It had to be about more than just the money.

This sponsorship will allow me to travel the country and capture the stories of people chasing their dreams and making their passions their livelihood.

I can't thank Amtrak enough for being such a forward thinking company and embracing the importance of storytelling in today's world. Having them sponsoring a web series like this validates so much of what I've been talking about for years.

If you've never thought of taking the train to get to where you are going I encourage you to check out today to see all the great locations they go. I now have a route map hanging by my desk and dream quite often about the various cities I hope to visit in the coming months.

I hope this news makes you as excited as it does me! Be sure to let Amtrak know your thoughts on this news.

All Aboard!!!

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