Passion Hit TV

It is no secret that I'm working on my next book and a big part of it is profiling and sharing stories of people, companies and events that I call Passion Hits. A Passion Hit has found a way to take a simple passion and turn it into something so much more. In many cases it becomes their life, work and what they get up every morning for.

I wanted to share these stories with you and that is why today I'm psyched to announce Passion Hit TV.

All of us want to be Passion Hits. We'd love to find a way to do what we love every day. I believe everyone can make this happen with a lot of hard work and determination, but it is never an easy road.

My goal with Passion Hit TV is to allow you to hear from the  people who have found a way. I want them to share their stories, advice given to them by mentors that made a difference and have them give you advice on where to start.

I'm excited about this because it means I get to sit down with amazing people and share their stories to motivate others. Whenever possible my only rule is that I want to do these interviews in person.

To make this happen I'm hoping to find a sponsor for the show, but they've got to be a Passion Hit as well so it might be hard to find the right match. If you are interested I'd love to hear from you.

I'm kicking off the show with Baratunde Thurston. I was really happy we got to sit down with him in my hotel room in Louisville while we were both attending IdeaFestival. We talked so long we ended up being late to dinner. Whoops!

I hope you enjoy the show and I hope that the passion these people share will inspire you to do amazing things.