Home Movies

Home Movies

I miss home movies.  The playful, raw, nobody is ever going to see this mentality that we had when we were making them.

Today we’ve all got cameras. I’m writing this on the plane ride home from BlogWorld Expo and you couldn’t step a foot without seeing someone filming.

While we share, interact and spout on video all the time, we are not capturing the behind the scene moments, the throw away times that someday may turn into a special memory.

I’m thinking about all of this after watching the amazing documentary Pearl Jam Twenty. Seeing videos of songs being written, magical moments on stage and playful times on tour all got me reminiscing about how no one is capturing the world we live in right now like they used to.

We are capturing a polished, I know this is going to end up on YouTube version of what is happening in our lives rather than the nitty gritty, not always pretty, damn we do stupid stuff, home movie style that I’m craving.

In College I made movies. I loved doing it. We documented behind the scenes, we filmed us goofing off in our room and the camera even came out at a couple of parties. We never knew where the footage may end up and we didn’t care.

Yes, I know this was because the worse that could happen then was someone might pop in a tape and show some buddies and we’d be embarrassed. Compare that to becoming the next Star Wars kid and it is obvious that the stakes are different in the world today.

I’m making a promise to myself today that I’m going to begin documenting more of my experiences.

Will I share them? I don’t know. But, I know I want to capture them. The voices of my friends as we share a meal or go on a trip together.

I miss it. I long for it. I can't be the only one who misses this am I?