Baratunde on Passion Hit TV

I realized this morning, that I've been neglecting to do a great job of sharing content that I create on other sites here on my main one. This of course is a rookie mistake and one that I should know better, but life gets busy and you sometimes forget the little things.

As you know I've started a new video series called Passion Hit TV where I profile people who have found their passion and turned it into their life. I sit down and interview them about their journey and ask for advice for others who want to go down this path. Amtrak recently stepped up and is the exclusive sponsor of the show for 2012.

The show is available on all platforms and can even be watched on your TV depending on what model you have, but I'll also be cross posting the interviews here a few weeks after I share them there.

The first interview I did was with my good buddy Baratunde Thurston.

The lighting might not have been right and a hotel room isn't the best of locations, but what he has to share I think is crucial. This was recorded before the release of his book and taking the stage to keynote SXSW last week. If he doesn't make you laugh and motivate you to chase your dreams I don't know who will.