Ashesi University

One of my favorite memories from my recent trip to Ghana was having dinner with several students from Ashesi University.

I had never heard of the school before that night, but each of the students I chatted with were dreaming big and wanted to make Africa an even more powerful place.

I wrote about the night on the ONE blog previously.

Turns out, that my own college has a program with this university. As a graduate from Bentley University this made me proud and I hope to find a way to do something together in the future.

What sparked this post was a new video from Ashesi that I think captures the enthusiasm and drive of the school in a perfect light. I wonder if the copy of Content Rules I sent them helped at all :)

It is a dream of mine that perhaps someday I can at least speak to a class if not teach for a bit there. This video and the conversation with those students that night was very inspiring and I think we could do some amazing things together.