Dad 2.0 Summit and SXSW

Dad 2.0 Summit and SXSW

My brain feels like this LEGO pit as I try to cram a week's worth of work into only three days this week.

Thursday morning I'm heading out to Austin, Texas to speak at both SXSW and at the first ever Dad 2.0 Summit. I know I've got a packed schedule of meetings, interviews and other fun times scheduled, but I'm also hoping to have plenty of hallway magic which of course can never be scheduled.

If you are looking to say hello, here are your best chances.

While I have other things in my schedule, those are the only three things that I know for sure I won't be missing and have planned all other activities around.

If there is one thing I've learned about having the swarms of people that will be in Austin starting later this week it is if you see someone, say hello to them immediately because you never know if your paths will cross again. I know more than once I saw someone and thought to myself, "oh I'll see them again" and then never did. Be sure to say hello!

Hope to see you in Austin!