CanvasPop Review

CanvasPop Review


Back before the holidays I saw some noise about a new company called CanvasPop promoting that they could print out Instagram photos on to canvas.

I use Instagram a lot, but as a photographer I know that they save the files rather small in size and assumed that blowing them up to be printed on canvas would be a rather sad state of affairs. I've ordered canvas prints from a variety of vendors over the years and the experience has been mixed. You really get what you pay for in most cases.

But, I figured I'd give it a try since they had a great price and ordered a print for Emily of her and my dad's dog Abe cuddling. She loves hanging pictures of animals on her walls, so I figured if it turned out crappy she wouldn't mind. Guess what?

The quality was amazing.

This is a picture of the print hanging on the wall. It wasn't a great shot to begin with, especially because of the red eye, but it looks great on canvas.

Emily's CanvasPop Print

I'm still not sure how CanvasPop does it, but I've seen several other friends order prints and their quality is also amazing. Whatever printing process they do, it is the best I've seen done from digital files to canvas.

I raved about the quality online and being a smart company they were listening. I know this because their community manager reached out to me. We talked for a bit and I mentioned in passing that I was looking forward to trying their service with a higher quality photo in the future. They offered me a free print as a thank you so how could I say no?

This photo that I took during the Content Rules book tour in Burlington, Vermont has always been a favorite of mine and now I have this beautiful canvas print of it.

Office With a View

My CanvasPop Print

Again, the quality was top notch and I think I could spend a small fortune there if I let myself. *grin*

I knew I'd be writing this review, so I asked them if I could get some form of coupon to give to anyone who might read this and want to try it out. I don't get any kickback from this code, so feel free to share it with whoever you want. I don't know of any expiration date on it, but there may be one.

Use code CC15 on any order of $80 or more for 15% off your order.

I plan on ordering some more prints in the future. Seeing Jane's triptych from Paris really makes me want to do something similar. I just have to choose the right shot.

Of course, the problem with finding a service like this that does such a great job is that I need to find the walls to hang all the prints on. But, that is a good problem to have I think.

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