A Real Virtual Weekend

The trip to Chicago was a good one and I was very happy I could be part of this years Second Life Community Conference. It did feel weird not to have a camera in my hand taking casual photos of everyone like I usually do. But, I respected the rules and didn't feel like getting in any shouting matches. I did take pictures of a few people that I knew I could and posted them, but compared to other events I go to the number was WAY WAY down.

What makes me most happy though is how well received our Virtual Thirst presentation was. Joel from The Electric Sheep Company does an amazing write up on it. You almost don't need the audio or slides since he somehow captured the majority of it. I did record our whole talk, but am not sure how well it turned out. I haven't had a time to listen to it yet.

Met way to many great people to list out by name. Plus, I wouldn't know if I should use their real names or Avatar names. I do know that I've had an educator and a reporter on my mind a ton since I left and not for the most obvious reasons. I also had an amazing chat with an up and coming musician in the lobby of the hotel just before I left that gave me a huge smile!

When you are in Second Life you experience the diversity of people in world. But, then when you meet them in real life you realize that it's a whole other kind of diversity. Both are powerful and both are real. Both need to recognized to be appreciated.

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Rik Riel and CC Chapman