A Weekend Offline

Friday was my 11th wedding anniversary and Laura and I took the day off from work and I pretty much stayed off the computer the rest of the weekend. I'd check in to see if there was anything going insane and since there wasn't I moved on from there. So much stuff, so little time so let's go with some brain slurpees today.Cider Donuts

  • Recorded Accident Hash #246 this morning. All chick rock!
  • Working on strategy for a new client this morning and finishing up some proposals for several others.
  • Verizon (a client) had a block party this past weekend for My Home 2.0. Lots of pictures here if your curious. Next one is in November in the Pittsburgh area. Join the My Home 2.0 Facebook group if you want to have the latest information.
  • Yesterday I made beef stew and apple pie. It is a Chapman fall tradition. It was damn yummy and you've gotta love left overs.
  • Took the kids apple picking on Saturday at Honey-Pot Hill Orchards. This is just one of the many pictures I took.
  • Trying to take care of PodCamp Boston 2 obligations.
  • Learning that online banking is fine, but it can also be enough to drive a guy batty when some things can only be done by phone rather then online. Grrr.....
  • Really trying to figure out if there is any way to sell my house before the end of the year. Debating if we take the house off the market for the winter so we don't have to worry about logistics or what we do. Lots of good memories in that house, but I'm ready to completely move on. Can't do so until it is sold.
  • I need to buy a white board. I need to buy one now. Feels like a good task for this afternoon to run out and buy one. I'm lost without one I've determined.

I'm sure there are a million other things going on in my mind and that I'm forgetting some. That seems to be an ongoing trend that I need to stop and thus the need for the white board.

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