Acoustic Guitars & Cowboy Hats

Nashville has been a pretty cool place to visit. It's laid back, chilled and a TINY city when it really boils down to it, but we are having a good time.

Yesterday we went to the Country Music Hall of Fame. Certainly not my favorite type of music at all, but still I can appreciate the history of the place and had a good time. They didn't have nearly as much on display as I imagined. Kind of a weak collection when you get real blunt about it. The Ray Charles exhibit was neat to see as I've dug his music for a long time.

After that we walked over to Jack's Bar-B-Que for some lunch. The minute I walked in I knew we were at the right place. The smell, the atmosphere and the attitude of the people behind the counter were perfect. The food was good and the sweet tea cold! Mmmmmmm....

We went back to a playground that we discovered and let the kids get some energy out while Laura and I kicked back on a bench drinking coffee.

We dropped the kids off at my sisters house for the night and headed out to dinner. We had a very grown up, but laid back dinner at The Sunset Grill Restaurant which was perfect for us. We thought about going down and hearing some music but decided to just come back to the hotel.

Now we are sitting back chilling. Laura is reading. The Today Show is on and here I am blogging away. We are headed to brunch in a little bit with my sisters, the kids and Matthew Ebel. Psyched he is coming along. We haven't had a chance to hang out like I would have liked to, but this is a family vacation so that is the focus. Plus we lost two days so that made things really tight.

All in all Nashville has been good to us. It's been more laid back then I imagined it would be and the upfront crap sure didn't make it fun, but calling it "an adventure" was dead on.

Happy Fans

Inside of Jacks