I Should Have Left it Off! *grin*

I barely checked e-mail or anything else today. But, for some reason I did tonight just before going to bed and that was officially a mistake. It takes a lot to write an e-mail that makes my blood boil to the point of pain. I had to get up off the computer and totally cool down. I couldn't even speak I was so angry. It takes a LOT to do that and when it boils down to respect it's even worse.

Yes, I'm being vague. Sorry. Blogging more to vent a bit then anything else. I wrote the really pissed off parts in my paper journal.

I'll be ok. A good nights sleep and the reality that tomorrow is another day will get me through.

Lynette, you make me smile and you don't know how right you are. VERY observant.

Flikzor ?

Turned Off Day