I Still Like My Newspaper

CBS Sunday Morning just did a story on newspapers and if they will exist in the future. It's an old debate that seems to come up every so often. I don't read a daily paper, but Sunday mornings are reserved for coffee and the local and Boston Globe. It's the way it has been and will be for a long time to come for me. Newspapers have a place in my world. Will they in the future? Who knows. Just sick of the argument. Paperless world ain't going to happen anytime soon people. There I said it! I suggest everyone unplug once and a while it feels good. Even though the computers were on I told myself I wasn't going to check e-mail until the kids went to bed. But, then when they did I didn't want to either so instead I watched the documentary "Back to the Well: Clerks 2" which was a great way to spend the night! More fuel for the video bug that hasn't gone away.

Laura landed safely in Vegas. So glad she's got some time away for herself. She deserves it and never takes time like this so I'm psyched for her. And don't call me Mr. Mom. I hate that term. I'm a dad. This is part of parenting. Plain and simple. I love hanging out with the kids. The goofball factor goes way up! *grin*

Story on Chuck Close now on the TV. How have I never seen this guy's paintings before? Damn impressive!! People like this always inspire me.

Creative juices are flowing big time today. Time to figure out where to channel them.

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