Joost, Virtual Thirst and Other Things on My Mind

Ok so it's been a busy morning with a lot going on so it's the perfect time to drop some links rather then babbling at length on any of them.

  1. Joost is making a move to grow rapidly as they've just given members a ton of invites. I'm giving them out to anyone that asks. Just drop me an e-mail or a DM via Twitter with your First and Last Name and the e-mail address you want them to send the invite to and it'll be on the way.
  2. The Coca-Cola Company has released a video update answering some of the top questions raised in the Virtual Thirst contest. (do I need to disclose again that I'm associated with this campaign?)
  3. I'm very excited about the 24 Hours of Flickr this weekend. Best part is that I will be attending [munk]'s wedding on that day so it'll make for fun photos! My plan is to just shoot everything and see if I can fill both of my cards
  4. Inside scoop is we are actually going to go look at some houses this weekend. Am I ready for this? Guess we'll find out
  5. I got asked to do the opening for this week's Scriggity. As of this posting it's not up yet so I can't wait to see what Drew did with all the quick shots I did for him yesterday.

I think that is it. I know I'll think of something as soon as I post this. It usually happens that way.

Guitar Playing and Juggling With Matthew Ebel