Live From the Balcony in NYC

There is something still new and neat to me about New York City because I've spent so little time here. You can feel the character of the city the moment you wake up. It doesn't hurt when you can step out on your balcony and hear the traffic, see the Empire State Building and just chill for a moment with your coffee.

Wet Hair on the Balcony

We are gathered in NYC for a crayon offsite. The first one we've done and something that is greatly needed. We'll be locked in a conference room talking about a lot of different things today and tonight and although it might be painful, long and heated at times it is all for the good of the company and thus worth every minute of it!

Tomorrow I'll be in the office for a few hours. Hoping to schedule some meetings while I'm here but nothing is firmed up yet. Then back on the train tomorrow afternoon and home for more then 24 hours which will be great.

Once again I'm in the city with no time to visit friends. I've got to get back here sometime purely just to visit people. Last night there was a list in my head, but I knew that going to sleep would be the right thing to do.

LONG day ahead. A productive one I hope.

Winding Up the Trip

1 Day Home