The First Hours of Ghana

I know that I should be curled up in bed asleep right now, but I feel a duty to document and share everything I've seen, smelled and tasted while here in Ghana.

It has only been 10 hours that I've been on the ground in Africa with the ONE team and already it has been everything I thought it might be and yet totally different.

Everywhere you look there is poverty, but there is also entrepreneurship. People are making the most out of what they have and smiling while they do it.  There is construction everywhere and an energy that you can feel.

I've quickly realized that my grand plans of video taping the experience are not going to happen. I'm certainly a photographer first and video comes second. But, I'm still hoping and learning.

Along the Streets of Accra

John McCain

"Home of the best Wood carvings"

We went to a local arts market and listen to my thoughts that I recorded immediately upon returning. It was certainly a blur of intense memories and I still can't fully put to words how it felt.

Dinner was beside the ocean where we were serenaded by the waves. Ice cold Club beer, plantain chips and great conversation were on the menu for the night. The steak was tough, but the chicken was juicy and flavorful. I had my first taste of the very local Red Red which is a combination of beans, spices and chunks of fish (it was down home amazing). I intended to avoid the plate of french fries, but that changed as we all discovered they were heavenly good due to the oil they are cooked in.

Of course the people are what make any meal and getting to know Amy, Ana, Rich and the rest of the team was the highlight. Their passion for what they do excites me.

Crazy that all of this has happened in such a short amount of time. I can't imagine how packed tomorrow will be since we'll have a full day to fill.

Accra Barbershop

Color Everywhere

Along the Streets of Accra

Our plans for tomorrow include a visit to a malnutrition clinic and then to a local furniture maker who has grown their business into one of the largest of their industry here in Ghana. Then we are headed to meet with a woman who makes beads made from recycled glass. I have every plan to buy some while there. I think I know a girl who would love to have them to be creative with. We'll end the day over dinner with local University students. I'm excited to talk to them about their plans for the future.

My photo set will continue to grow and I'll be sharing as much as I can on Twitter. Of course you can follow the #ONECampaign or #ONEMoms tags to see updates from everyone.