Audio Updates from Ghana

The internet has been down at our hotel since early yesterday, so none of us have been able to post updates of any length, but there have been plenty of tweets flying around for sure.

The photo above was taken in Ghana's Independence Square during the GAVI Alliance Vaccine Celebration today. The blue you see behind the arch is the ocean. It was a beautiful location and a great ceremony. I will talk more about that soon.

While I have a connection (spotty at best at the moment) I wanted to share a few audio updates I recorded so that you can catch up on everything.

I did film a video update yesterday and have over 200 photos ready to upload, but neither can be done at the moment unfortunately.

First up is while we are at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, which happens to be the third largest hospital in all of Africa, I asked our guides about how they can get more men involved in the HIV testing they do.

Then after a tour of the HIV clinic, we had the chance to sit down with three amazing mothers who all are HIV+ but their babies are not due to the usage of PMTCT prophylaxis which has resulted in 94% of the babies born to HIV+ mothers at this hospital to not have contracted the disease! I chatted a bit with one of those moms.

Finally, today at the GAVI Ceremony I recorded a bit of one of the speakers who said, "Without mothers there is no immunization."

I hope you listen to all three updates. They give a great peek in to the voices and sounds of Ghana, both of which I've been blessed to experience first hand and I'm psyched that technology allows me to share them with you.

There are so many more stories to tell, thoughts to share and experiences I need to digest and write about. You can expect plenty of updates in the days and weeks ahead.

ONE has made my life a better place by exposing me to all the magic of this part of the world. Thank you for having this ONEDad be part of the ONEMoms team!