Mile Long Check List

Between work and life I've got a check list a mile long. A lot of it is the last minute things that have to be taken care of when buying a new house. Lots of phone calls, connecting people and making decisions. Schedules are tight and things are back and forth at a rapid pace. Add to that traveling and work deadlines and it makes for all around "fun."

So if you don't hear from me or if I'm hard to reach that is probably why. Just so much going on until we get in the new house.

Tonight is Family Night as it's the last night we'll all be together in this house ever. The kids go on vacation next week and will return to the new house. Once Laura gets out of work all technology goes dark. We are not even going to answer the phone. Just all of us spending time together cuddling, laughing and being a family. They are my life force and what drives me in everything I do. Some people lose sight of that, but I refuse to ever to. It is easy when it's always priority number 1.

Bridge to Terabithia

Mahi Mahi and Mojitos