Bridge to Terabithia

Last night we watched the movie Bridge to Terabithia as a family. We ate cookie dough and piled onto the couch to watch it. I knew the kids wanted to see it which was the main reason I rented it. But, as I watched the movie I quickly began to realize this was NOT the movie that had been shown in the trailers. Far from it in fact which on one hand was a let down, but on the other was exciting because I completely connected with the movie. The use and power of imagination as an escape mechanism really hit home to me. Lots of memories from my childhood came flooding back. They did a masterful job of meshing reality and imagination together.

Warning to families that it does have a bit of a dark coming of age angle to it that caught us all of guard, but made for very good discussion.

I loved this movie. I hope one of the bonus features is an interview with the writer of the film because I'd love to know how this was on the page. That would take some great writing skills.

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