More Successful Than I Thought

Today I got to be more productive than I thought I would be. Did some educational reading on photography and more importantly wrote a bunch. Sure, I'm just hitting my stride and have a long way to go, but at least I got to sit down and spend some quality time with the old T60.

Laura is feeling better but not 100%. I'm hoping the bug missed her and it was something else.

It's been crazy windy here today and worse tonight. The cold finally decided to show up. Tomorrow I've got to get some outside time. Fresh air especially when it's cold feels great. Maybe I'll go for a nature walk and take some shots before the football games come on. We'll see what happens.

Just finished watching "Lord of War." A pretty pointless movie, but I'm a sucker for Nicholas Cage and it was trying to have a meaning to it. Not too bad, but far from great for damn sure.

Only reason I'm blogging is the couple cups of coffee I had a few hours ago. That's what watching a taste of Seattle on the Food Network will do to ya!

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