Super Bowl Sunday

Today is the day of the big game and I can't wait. Football is my favorite sport so when this Sunday rolls around it is always a big deal in my house. We'll have cold beer, bad for you food and a great time all around. The kids have their Tom Brady jerseys on right now and are all excited. They get to stay up late and watch some of the game so why wouldn't they be excited?

Sure, as a marketing guy I'll be watching the ads as well. It is always fun to see what companies are willing to blow millions of dollars on. Good or bad they still make an impression and THAT is why they do it. Rip them apart, in the end it doesn't matter because they got in front of millions of people and got their message heard. Can't argue with that.

The nice thing is that this year should also be a good game. When the Patriots played the Giants last time it was better then anyone imagined and I was glad to see that. I'd rather have a nail biter then an ass whooping any day of the week. Although if I was betting on the game I'd take the Patriots by 10.

Ok, time to go shopping. We realized we don't have any food in the house or beer that Laura will drink. The kids want mini bagel pizzas and we are going to make a big old tray of chili cheese fries. I had hoped to watch the game on a big brand new television, but that wasn't in the cards this year with the other house still on the market. Being smart about finances is always better then being stupid. Plus, we'll have just as much fun watching it on what we have now. No worries. Plenty of time to upgrade if we want to.

Go Patriots!!!

Dylan and a BIG Patriot Fan

Yes We Can