No Reservations - Free Boston Screening Thanks to

noreservations.jpgBy now everyone knows that I'm doing some advising to the cool team behind What's great is that on Tuesday July 24, 2007, host Kathy Maister will be playing host to the Boston screening of the new movie No Reservations.

This movie about finding love in a kitchen (I haven't seen it yet) looks like a fun date movie. Laura is bummed she can't come to the screening with me. They reached out to Kathy after watching a few episode of StartCooking if she'd host the night and they loved the idea of having her invite the local new media community to be part of the evening since she is one of them herself.

If you would like to attend you need to RSVP by the end of the day today.

I'm psyched about this because wit will be fun to introduce Kathy to so many great people and also because it will show a movie company how engaged the local community here in Boston is around new media. I've heard from a lot of you that you are coming and that's awesome! Pictures, videos and audio I'm sure are going to be fun from the night. I'm looking forward to it.

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